Chim, chim, chimney we love you!

7mm scale triple pot chimney stack that can be uniquely customised to fit the exact angle of your roof. Just enter your roof pitch angle at checkout.

Like all our other chimney stacks, they are perfectly matched to our ranged lead free pewter chimney pots.


Laser cut MDF.

Price: £5.00


LMS Bridge

LMS style double track bridge loosely based on Ripple has been drawn and just going through final testing before release. Ideal to be used for scenic breaks between fiddle yards on your layout as it is or to be used as a bridge as part of your layout scene.
Featuring laser cut precision brickwork throughout and including under the arch too.

Initially will be released in 7mm scale and will be available in several options and depths. Suitable for spanning a single or double track or road.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner what could be better than to surprise your partner with these beautifully laser cut beads. Of course they don’t need to know that you’ve ordered a lasercut building too 😉

Happy valentines!


Price: £2.95