At Bristol Show I had some little dioramas for displaying people. I had several people asking me if they were for sale so I’m going to make a limited run of these and they are available for just £7.50 each including postage and packing.

Fish Crates

Sometimes it’s the little details that make all the difference. 7mm Lasercut fish crates are the first of a range of boxes from Intentio and ScaleDown. Look out for vegetable boxes, beer crates and much more. Resin insets will also be available.

Pack of three

Price: £4.50

Scale Down Studio joins Intentio

Nikki Wilkes of Scale Down Studios has joined Intentio to launch a range of joint kits. Intentio’s expertise in laser cutting design along with Nikki’s design, 3d modelling and multi media expertise will bring together the best of companies to bring you true scale multi media products of the highest quality. 

The first available collaborative product is our Pooley Weighbridge plate. Pooleys of Birmingham produced thousands of weighing machines and weighbridges during the 19th and 20th century. Many of these were installed in goods yards and businesses across the country and indeed the commonwealth too. Many can still be seen in situ today, though very few are still operationally and even fewer used commercially being much too small for todays heavy goods vehicles.

Available in 4mm and 7mm scale, priced £10 and £15 respectively.

They are the perfect addition to your goods yard.


Intentio Update.

We are sorry to customers that have been waiting for orders for longer than is expected. We’ve had a bit of a hiccup but we are pleased to say we are on the way back. All orders are being processed and will be dispatched by the end of February.

We also have exciting news that we have a new laser that will be operational in the next couple of weeks.

We are open for bespoke commissions, but be quick as we are getting booked up.

Lasercut Sleepers

If you build your own track to prototype designs and want to replicate in model form the flow of curves through pointwork which is such an attractive feature of the traditional railway, Templot is the software you need.

To save time and for further accuracy, Intentio can laser cut your Templot formations in any scale and size ready for you to lay your track directly to your baseboard.

Contact us for details and a quote.


Summer Vacation

We are on vacation and outstanding orders and new orders placed will be dispatched week commencing 9th July.

Its not all rest though as we will be visiting and measuring up buildings and structures to make into kits!